Monday, June 12, 2017

Some 'Lil Sketches

Hello world! I'm back with another art post ( I just realized that I have only done, like, three art posts since the creation of this blog *cringe*). It's only a few recent sketches I've done, but I needed  to post and I was like, "Hey I have some pretty good art I've done recently!" So I decided to share it with y'all. I did have to edit the lighting on these photos a bit because my back-round was dark and the lighting was awful. Onward!

First off I have some 'lil food peeps that were inspired off of Pinterest (ahh, Pinterest). They're so adorable and yummy looking! Which one is your favorite?

This is a few quick sketches of a mermaid gal I made up named Melody. I was weirdly obsessed with mermaids for a few days, but then my obsession changed to Star Wars. Now I'm obsessed with Madi Grace's story "Hora, Everything I Never Said" and the Planet Earth II soundtrack.

Haaaandsssss. I was practicing drawing hands, because I found a tutorial on Pinterest (one of the many wonders of the internet). I am now all of a sudden amazing at drawing hands. Except for that fist *cringe*.

OH MY GOSH, I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! This looks way better in person, just in case you're wondering. It didn't even take me that long *gasp*! Except for the hair. Dang, it took FOREVER. The one thing that bothers me about it is one eye is a bit higher up than the other. Grrr.

I have an exciting announcement! I am now a part of The Writing Writers!! *throws confetti* There is one one drawback, however *all partying abruptly stops*. Since I am now on three different blogs I will not be able to post as often on this blog. Don't worry! This blog is still my main priority, and I don't plan on quitting it.
Have a fabulous day, fellow Hoodians!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Candy - a poem by Danielle

Hello, Hoodions! Today I have a sweet treat for y'all (haha, catch my pun ;p)! I wrote a poem for my other blog, so I decided to write a different poem for y'all. :D


Every child loves it
That sweet sugary rush
So they go to the candy store
To buy unhealthy stuff
Who cares? I say
I eat it too
Nothing wrong with some sweet food
Cotton candy, candy canes
Children shout and rejoice
So much noise
Just for a piece
Of Candy

It's not very consistent, but I hope y'all enjoyed anyways!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Goodbye to School!!!!! (summer goals)

Hello everyone! I'm so happy right now! It's just like this big ray of (cold [I hate heat]) sunshine is shining upon me! Why am I so happy? You can probably guess by my title. SCHOOL IS OUT, YO!!!
*throws confetti, blows party horn, sprays silly string, eats loads of whipped cream* No more math(hate it, I would burn my books if I could, but that would be wasting money)! No more Physical science (😖)! No more Reading comprehension! No more Latin! No more loads of English Homework! No more Spanish! No more Spanish Math textbook! No more History! YAAAAAAAAAY! *dies from too much happiness* (notice writing strands is NOT on that list, It's my favorite subject, but it's also the shortest book, so I finished it, like, two weeks ago *sniff sniff*)
So, because it is now SUMMER BREAK I am here with my summer goals and to-do's. So basically a bucket list I know I'm going to complete. Anyways, you have read the crazy part, time for the less crazy part (don't expect it to be any calmer, because it probably isn't). Onward!

It's guaranteed I'll see the grand canyon this summer. I think we're going on a rafting trip through it! My family is going on a road trip out West, so I get to see a whole ton of national  parks. I'm so excited! I'll take tons of pictures to post here,  so you can experience part of the trip in a small way. :D

I plan on posting as often as I can for y'all this summer on both blogs. I have tons of pinkalicious posts for the future! Also, if you haven't checked out my new writing blog, click here, and if you want to, please follow it!

Haha, this is definitely the weirdest one. But we decided we wanted to eat an entire bowl of whip cream together with strawberries and watch an epic movie. We absolutely love whipped cream, so it sounds sensible delicious!

AGH! I wanted do this in May, but couldn't for some secret reasons, which I was rather upset over. But I can do it in July, so I'm totally PUMPED!!! Maybe I'll actually write more than 6,000 words (haha, results of NaNoWriMo. I told you I'm queen of procrastination!)! Anyways, yeah, I'm excited.

XD I AM SO OBSESSED AND I DON'T KNOW WHY!!!! XD I was not this obsessed two weeks again. (It's Pinterest's fault) Anyways I REALLY want to marathon ALL the movies this summer. That's why our road trip is the perfect. ;p MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I want to tidy up and organize my room, and the I'll maybe give y'all a room tour! My rooms an almost wreck right now. Hehe, I was supposed to clean it yesterday afternoon, but it looked "clean" to me. XD

I'm in the beginning still. STILL. I procrastinate a lot, as you can tell. I wrote almost a thousand words yesterday, though! #kindofaccomplished
I'm picky about how I grammar and formatting. So It takes me like an hour to write 700 words. Honestly, I don't think I'll write more than 10,000 words this summer, but I'll try. That's exactly why I'm doing Camp NaNo.

Sorry this image is so tiny. My mom promised to teach me how to paint with oils this summer, because I've been begging to learn them for ages (emphasis on "ages"). This summer is THE summer!

This probably is not going to happen. I want to start one with my cousin, but we've been meaning to for ages, and so far it hasn't happened, soo... yeah!

I hope y'all enjoyed my list! Are you as excited for the school year to be OVER as I am! Bye, my fellow Hoodians!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Nest by Esther Ehrlich (book review)

Hi there, my lovely Hoodians! TodayI decided to do a book review, because why not? I chose to do the book "Nest" by Esther Ehrlich. I wasn't asked to do this or anything. All of this post is my honest opinion. Just to warn you, this is my first time doing this, so it isn't as organized as you would expect. Onward!


Info And All That Jazz:

Copyright Date: September 9th, 2014

Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books

Author: Esther Ehrlich

Book Blurb: In 1972 home is a cozy nest on Cape Cod for eleven-year-old Naomi “Chirp” Orenstein, her older sister, Rachel; her psychiatrist father; and her dancer mother. But then Chirp’s mom develops symptoms of a serious disease, and everything changes. 

Chirp finds comfort in watching her beloved wild birds. She also finds a true friend in Joey, the mysterious boy who lives across the street. Together they create their own private world and come up with the perfect plan: Escape. Adventure. Discovery. 

My Thoughts:

            It was truly a charming, bittersweet, sad, dreamy, and heartwarming story. The characters were developed in a bland but beautiful way that made you love them. You were able to see clearly the most shown characters, and the less important characters' existence charmed you.
           The style of the author I found relatable, as I write somewhat similarly to it. The words flowed on the page, and her descriptions left you in awe. I loved the way she portrayed the main character. She showed the characters deepest emotions through a strange way (you'll have to read the book to know this strange way)
          The plot was somewhat hard to find, but you figure it out as you read more. It was't a very hardcore plot, as the book was mainly about emotions in a way. The most exciting events happen in the center and the very end.
         I would not suggest this book for anyone under the age of 12, as the middle of it is scary (as in really sad scary) and there is one bad word used a couple of times, Otherwise, it's clean.

Overall Rating:

Overall I thought it a filling story and would totally suggest it for anyone who loves a sad but filling story. It would be great for somebody who is looking for new, enriching book as well. 

I hope y'all enjoyed this post. It really was a good book, and I think highly of it. Have a fabulous day, Hoodians!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

My Secret Project

Hey Y'all! I have a little secret to tell... And in case you're wondering, I have never mentioned this before.
I have created a Wordpress site! I will still  post here as often as I do now (which I kinda need to work on), so don't worry. Here's the link.
The reason I created this new site was to show my more serious side. This blog is me on the outside and a bit me on the inside. My new site is completely me on the inside with a sprinkle of the outside me.
Please check it out! I honestly won't post on it very often probably. This is still my main blog.
Bye, my fellow Hoodians!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Describe the Days of the Week Tag

Hello, there! Mirra nominated me (kind of) to do the Describe the Days of the Week Tag. You won't see my name in her nominates list, but she said I could do it int eh comments :) . Now that that is cleared up, onto the tag!


Monday is a very frazzled young woman. She never has any time to do the things she wants, and she often doesn't get enough of sleep. In the morning she is very slow and sleepy. She loves coffee with heaps of whip cream on top, but she's often so busy trying to organize things, so she can never finish it before it gets cold.


Tuesday is a playful little boy with a wiener dog. He loves  to play with Legos and ride his bike. His number one rule is "safety first', so he always wears a helmut. He like to eat popsicles, and his favorite school subject is art. He plays with his dog every day and takes very good care of it.


Wednesday is a girl who loves makeup and reading. She hates math, and she thinks boys are weird. She can't live without her phone or books, and loves mint- chocolate ice cream. She loves high heels and colorful dresses. She can't stand messes, so her room is always clean and organized.


Thursday is a sleepy girl who loves math. She also loves to draw cool patterns and is always ready for the weekend. She is dyslexic, so her least favorite subject is language arts. She loves music, but mainly listening to it and much less making it. She is very sensitive, and has a hard time explaining her feelings.


Friday is a party animal. He loves skateboarding, video games, and DJ'ing. He Dj's for every part ever, and knows all the newest hits. He wears ripped jeans and neon shirts. He has an iPhone 7 and hates school. He secretly enjoys opera and jazz.


Saturday is a young man who loves three things in the world: Himself, Netflix, and Free Time. He lounges around a lot watching Netflix all day and eating pizza. The only reason he isn't fat yet is because he goes on jogs and to the gym every morning. That way he doesn't have to worry about it for the rest off the day. He hates bugs, and the only vegetable he doesn't like is a onions.


Sunday is a peaceful girl who loves long flow dresses, oversized sweaters, hot-chocolate, fuzzy blankets, and books. She loves listening to classical music and talking. She is very calm and almost never argues. She loves nature, so she goes on hikes a lot. She likes swimming, reading, and sleeping in her free time.

I hope y'all enjoyed reading my silly descriptions! I've had a lot of tags the past few posts,  but don't worry. I have something else planned for the next few posts. Have a fantabulous day my Hoodians!

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Balloon (a story)

Hiya there! Today I have a story for y'all, because I haven't posted a story for ages (emphasis on ages ;D). This story was for a school assignment, and it turned out really well! It does have a few typos that I didn't fix, so if you see one, continue reading like nothing was there :D.

                Six-year-old Betty was in the park with her father. Every week on Sunday after church, he would come and spend the day with her.  Betty’s father didn’t live with her and her mother, but he made the time to spend with Betty when he could.
            “Betty, what do you want to do today?” Her father asked. He looked striking in his church suit.
            Betty never knew how to reply to his weekly question. She played with the ruffles of her dress as she thought.  She looked up and saw a balloon man holding brightly colored balloons. She asked, “Could I get a balloon?”
             Her father looked at the balloon man and smiled. “Of course!” He replied.
            Hand in hand they walked to the man with colorful balloons floating above his head.
            “Which balloon would you like?” Betty’s father asked.
            Betty stared for a moment. A thoughtful expression entered her face, and her brow scrunched up. There were so many choices. Finally she said, “ That big red one at the top.”
            Her father turned and pointed it out to the balloon man. “That big red one,” he repeated after Betty.
            Betty suddenly noticed a little boy about the same age as her staring. He had tangled mousy brown hair and big blue eyes. He was dressed poorly. He wore old torn up tennis shoes, a dirty green t-shirt, and kaki shorts with holes. He stared longingly at the balloons.
            “C’mon Betty,” Her father said handing her the big red balloon. Betty stared at the balloon in awe. All thought of the boy she had seen left without a trace as she took in all of its big red glory. It was so round and shiny, with a bright gold ribbon to secure it. 
            “Thank you,” She announced, a big smile breaking out on her face.
            Her father returned a beam and ruffled her golden curls.
            They walked around the park and gazed at the fountains and tall trees. “Can I climb a tree, Daddy?” She once asked.
            He frowned playfully and said, “No, I don’t think you can.”
            She hung her head sadly.
            He laughed, “Of course you can!” Her head rose hopefully. He picked her up and said, “But you don’t want to ruin your nice dress, do you?”
            She shook her head fretfully.
            “Don’t worry,” He continued, “I’ll take you hear tomorrow, and you can climb trees all day if you want.”

            She grinned. “Yes. Daddy, please!”
            He laughed and set her back down on the ground. “Now, how about some ice-cream?” He lowered his voice, “Now what would Miss Betty like?” He held out an imaginary microphone to Betty.
            Betty giggled. “Raspberry chocolate chunk.”
Her father brought the imaginary microphone to himself. “Ladies and Gentlemen,” He said, “Miss Betty has decided upon raspberry chocolate chunk. Now, what does Mr. Crocker want?” The microphone went back to her.
Now she was laughing. “He would like,” Her father mimed a drumroll, “Mint chocolate chip with butterscotch drizzling.” She made a disgusted face.
Her father laughed. “Yes, indeed he would, ‘’ He commented.
They strolled to the ice cream truck where her father made their orders.
A movement caught her eye, and she turned to see what it was. It was the boy! The very boy who had been staring at the balloon mans balloons was now staring at Betty’s big bright red balloon.
The boy didn’t take notice Betty staring at him for a moment, which gave Betty enough time to see the longing in his eyes. He then stared her right in her eyes. An understanding passed between them.
Betty stared at her balloon and thought for a moment. Would her father be mad at her for giving away her balloon? What if she lied to him about it? But she didn’t want to lie to her father to her father.
Finally, she held out the balloon to the boy. The boy stared at Betty in unbelief. He must have read in her eyes the urging for him to take it, because he took the balloon and mumbled to her,  “Thank you.” He then ran off with a beam lighting up his face.
Betty smiled. Though she was sad to see her balloon go, she was glad she had given it to the boy.
“Here Betty.” She turned back to her father as he handed her a pink and brown ice cream scoop on a cone lined with sprinkles. When she took the ice cream, her father’s expression turned puzzled. “Where is your balloon?” He questioned
She though a moment before looking at the sky and saying, “Where all good balloons go, Daddy.”
Her father smiled and took her hand in his. “Don’t worry, Honey, I’ll get you a new one,” he responded.
She knew that he didn’t know that she hadn’t meant the sky, but she said, “Okay, Daddy.”
They then walked through the park once more as the sun started to sink behind the horizon.

Hope y'all enjoyed that! My computer is kind of funky right now, so it won't let me delete my indents. Toodaloo, Hoodians!