Monday, August 21, 2017

BIBPC (entry two)

Heewo friends!!! Ima back with the mood of *drumroll* pink! Jk, but I'm feeling pretty cheerful right now ;D . Anyways, here's my next entry!

Le Story:

I had this awesome idea to put a slinky on the camera and place the end of the slinky on a drawing or something, and since the moon and the sun are circles (and the eclipse is happening almost RIGHT NOW), I though, "Ay. Draw the two combined. Why not?" So, I give you this somewhat strange picture. The slinky didn't have the effect I was quite hoping for, but I still LOVE the results, so oh well.

I hope y'all liked my picture! Adios, mi amigas!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

BIBPC (entry one)

HEEEWOOO!!! It es moi, le queen de procrastination, and I am here with le first entry for BIBPC the Fifth! Yay! I actually took this picture several days a go, but I'm just now getting around to posting it. ;)

Le photo:

I did edit the exposure, and I cropped it a bit. This category is fruit, and as I'm on Team Watermelon, so it seemed fitting to take a photo of watermelon.
There is almost no story behind this, but I did drop my original perfect piece of watermelon. I set a new piece on a piece of paper and voila!
So yeah.
Hope y'all fellow Hoodians have had a wonderful week (I did, even though it's my first week of school)! Toodles!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Travels-Road trip:Days One-Five

Hello everyone! I am here (finally) with the first part of our trip! Onward (because I don't know what to say now)!

So, for the first day, we drove five hours up to where we used to live and visited some friends, and then we picked up my friend Grace, dropped off my two older siblings (who were going to take the youth conference buses), and drove three and half more hours to my grandparents'. We spent the night at my grandparents'(not the youth conference kids. they drove through the night), and then we left early in the morning. We drove all day.

I have never seen more corn in my entire life.

Buuuut, I did see the St. Louis Arch! We didn't drive straight past it, but we saw it fairly closely. Here is an incredibly crappy photo I took on my iPad mini. ;D

It was pretty cool! :D

So, after long hours of killing our behinds in the car, we finally reached Nauvoo, Illinois!
It took us a while to find our cabin, but we did, and then we  cooked dinner (which was chicken, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. Yes, I remember exactly. Oh yeah! There was also cantaloupe, I think :D )
For those who don't know why Nauvoo was an important stop, I shall explain. Some of you may know I'm LDS, more commonly known as Mormon (ring a bell, eh?). Anyways, a lot of LDS church history was placed in Nauvoo, as well as other surrounding areas.
After dinner, we went to one of the Nauvoo pageants! It was explaining Nauvoo's history, and the actors were really good! I loved it.

After the pageant we went to see the Nauvoo Temple! I took a really bad picture on my iPad, but the temple's beauty makes up for it. ;D

Isn't it gorgeous? It was so cool to actually touch it in person.

After we saw the temple, we went back to our cabin and called it a night ;) .
(btw, the Youth Conference kids had a completely different schedule and stayed in different cabins)
The next day we had breakfast (cereal and cinnamon rolls), went to church, and began to tour Nauvoo. Because I think y'all would find it very boring for me to explain every place needed, I will just put a bunch of photos of the houses and stores we went to and caption occasionally.

(the photos aren't the greatest quality because they were all taken on my mom's phone)


I don't think the barrels are actually from the 18 hundreds, but the tin objects are.

Most of the furniture above is actually from the 18 hundreds, so that's why it's roped off.

(actual printing press)

(actual time period shoes)

So after we went touring, we went and just walked on the main road and glimpsed at the stores (like actual running stores that people can buy stuff from). Then my parents dropped my little brother, Grace and me at the cabin, and they went to a riverside walk thing. We didn't want to go. Instead we showered and played a card game (because the wifi sucked). Then we went to bed. :D

The next morning, we ate breakfast (cereal again) and headed out for the town of Carthage. It was only a thirty minute drive, and we went to see Carthage Jail. Carthage Jail is where our first prophet, Joseph Smith, was murdered.

(the room Joseph Smith and his brother, Hyrum Smith were killed. They shared it with two other friends)

(actual bullet hole of the bullet that killed Hyrum Smith)

After Carthage Jail, we went back to Nauvoo to finish touring the time period houses and shops.

At the brick yard, each family was given a small brick that the missionaries made. :D

After a few more houses, we went on a buggy ride through the country of Nauvoo. This is one of the horses. :D

After the buggy ride, we saw more houses, and then we went back to our cabin to eat dinner. Sometime during the day, we saw a play the younger missionaries put on called, "The Promise." It was pretty good! But a lot of the girls in the crowd gained crushes on this guy in the play afterwards. XD


After dinner and a rest, we went and saw a dress rehearsal for the British Pageant. It was really good too! It was about British members of our church in the eighteen hundreds.

(you can see the temple in the background of this one!)

Then, we grabbed my two older siblings from the Youth Conference and went back to our cabin.

The next morning we woke up around 7:00 or 8:00, took pictures at the temple, and hit the road. We drove for a couple of hours to Far West, Missouri (another church historic site). Far West is where they laid down cornerstones for a temple, but they never built it.
Then we went to see Liberty Jail (another jail Joseph Smith was put in.) That was pretty cool because they had built a replica of the jail, but it was on the exact place the jail had been. The replica was also inside of a building.

(they put mannequins inside it)

After Liberty Jail, we drove to Independence, Missouri. There, we just saw the visitors center, but we learned a lot of church history.

After Independence, we drove to Selena, Kansas, where we spent the night in a hotel.

And that was the first five of our trip! Sorry it took so long to get this up. Also, sorry if I bored you. In my next  post, you will learn of our Death Hike (unoficial name, but it suits it). Dun dun dun!

Toodles, Hoodians!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Ima Back

(the 'a' in 'ima' was intentional)

Hello my friends! Long time no see, huh? Well, I am back from my hiatus, and I am supposed to write 4000 words, but instead I'm procrastinating because that's just what I do.
I am not here with any recap on anything, but instead I'm here to rant.
Let's just put it this way. I'm to lazy to file all the photos I took.
Let le rant commence.
(I meant to take photos for this, but I never got around to it)

The Shoe Laces

My mom washed my favorite shoes but lost one of the shoelaces. I spent, like, twenty minutes loooking for it to no avail.
I took the shoes on our trip anyways. ;D
Later I wanted to wear them because my tennis shoes were dirty (really dirty), so I took my bright turqoise shoelaces from my tennis shoes and laced up my favorite shoes with those. And because the tennis shoes' laces were too long, I tucked them in the shoes. Then I went around walking with my pale blue shoes with bright turquoise laces like a boss.
My sister thought I got new shoes, but I was like, "Nopedy nope nope!"
;) I think I'm hilarious.

The Car

I never want to get in our van again. It was so cramped and stuffed to the brim with books, people, blankets, pillows, iPad minis, etc.
But that's not the point of this section.
I had approximately 50 hours of car time and I only wrote 4,000 words.
Heeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeee and my procrastinatiooooooooon.
So I ended up lowering my word goal for Camp NaNo to 18,000 and now I have to write 4000 words, maybe (hopefully) I'll even write 6,000. Then I'll reach 20000. >_<
Oh well. :|)

The Roleplays

I discovered roleplaying and now I'm OBSESSED. IT'S AN AMAZING FORM OF EVIL WRITING!!!
Let's just say I love roleplaying.

I hope you didn't mind my little rant. I will write a recap of our trip as soon as possible, so hang in there! :D ;)

Bye, fellow hoodians!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hello and Hiatus

Hi again! I know. I have not posted in... I don't remember how long it has been. But I just came here to apologize and tell you that I will be going on another Hiatus. If you want to know more, just click here. So yeah. Bye!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Some 'Lil Sketches

Hello world! I'm back with another art post ( I just realized that I have only done, like, three art posts since the creation of this blog *cringe*). It's only a few recent sketches I've done, but I needed  to post and I was like, "Hey I have some pretty good art I've done recently!" So I decided to share it with y'all. I did have to edit the lighting on these photos a bit because my back-round was dark and the lighting was awful. Onward!

First off I have some 'lil food peeps that were inspired off of Pinterest (ahh, Pinterest). They're so adorable and yummy looking! Which one is your favorite?

This is a few quick sketches of a mermaid gal I made up named Melody. I was weirdly obsessed with mermaids for a few days, but then my obsession changed to Star Wars. Now I'm obsessed with Madi Grace's story "Hora, Everything I Never Said" and the Planet Earth II soundtrack.

Haaaandsssss. I was practicing drawing hands, because I found a tutorial on Pinterest (one of the many wonders of the internet). I am now all of a sudden amazing at drawing hands. Except for that fist *cringe*.

OH MY GOSH, I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! This looks way better in person, just in case you're wondering. It didn't even take me that long *gasp*! Except for the hair. Dang, it took FOREVER. The one thing that bothers me about it is one eye is a bit higher up than the other. Grrr.

I have an exciting announcement! I am now a part of The Writing Writers!! *throws confetti* There is one one drawback, however *all partying abruptly stops*. Since I am now on three different blogs I will not be able to post as often on this blog. Don't worry! This blog is still my main priority, and I don't plan on quitting it.
Have a fabulous day, fellow Hoodians!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Candy - a poem by Danielle

Hello, Hoodions! Today I have a sweet treat for y'all (haha, catch my pun ;p)! I wrote a poem for my other blog, so I decided to write a different poem for y'all. :D


Every child loves it
That sweet sugary rush
So they go to the candy store
To buy unhealthy stuff
Who cares? I say
I eat it too
Nothing wrong with some sweet food
Cotton candy, candy canes
Children shout and rejoice
So much noise
Just for a piece
Of Candy

It's not very consistent, but I hope y'all enjoyed anyways!